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Our heart is for that of the Father who is “A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, in his holy dwelling.  He sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing.”  (Psalm 68:5-6)

It is by caring for widows and orphans in all their myriad forms that we begin to touch and to know our Father’s heart.  We want more of Him. we want to become more like Him.  We understand that we get more of Him as we let go of more of our selves.  


The City of Refuge Honduras is a branch of Impact Ministries International in Lonsdale MN.   We are staffed by native Hondurans and full time foreign missionaries.  We are located in El Motatal, Comayagua Honduras approximately twenty-minutes outside the City of Comayagua itself.   

The City of Refuge itself is a Christ centered, non-denominational, prototypical, self-sustaining, orphanage and missions base.   We also have a growing rescue program  at risk families.  Our long term goal is to be self-replicating around the globe such that we infect a given culture with the unfathomable love of the Father via the power of the Holy spirit who resides in every born again believer.



The City of Refuge is first and foremost a home to anywhere between 50 and 80 children at any given time.  While some children are actual orphans with no identifiable family, others come from extreme poverty.  Still others come from dangerously abusive situations.  There is no such thing as welfare or foster care in Honduras and places like the City of refuge are often a child’s or even a family's only hope. 

Ultimately, we strive to provide our children with dignity through empowerment by loving them and helping them to become aware of their true identity and calling in Christ Eph 2:10 in order to prepare them for success in this life and in the next.

We are constantly changing and improving but some of the ways we accomplish this are by providing:

-A solid academic foundation and the opportunity to continue of their education at a university or trade school.

-A rigorous Biblical education as part of their regular academic program, regular church services in the community, Sunday services at the City of refuge that the children are responsible for leading themselves, weekly soaking (worship only nights) and weekly discipleship nights.

-Multiple athletic venues

-Art and Music education programs with an emphasis on praise and worship

-High quality nutritious meals and snacks

-24/day monitoring, and mentoring by qualified child care providers.

-Fellowship and learning with missionaries from all over the world.

Hosting individual missionaries and mission groups is just one of the ways in which we support this goal.  We'd love to have you visit us.

Check out the videos on our media page for a more detailed look at what we do.

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