Donate to The City of Refuge

Thank you for donating to the City of Refuge.  You can make a general donation or specify exactly how you want the the funds to be used.  We appreciate your support.

Current Needs

The Holidays are upon us and naturally we'd like to celebrate them with the children here. 

  • Back packs are always an issue here as they tend to be poor in quality. Luckily we found a local vendor who hand sows back packs and guarantees her work all for an average cost of $10 -$20 per pack. 
  • Shoes wear out even faster than kids grow out of them.  Boys shoes up to men's size 10 are needed. 
  • Our little children love to push each other around the soccer field in Little Tikes  car. We have 3 and would like to purchase 3 or 4 more at an average cost of $100 each. 
  • We need water colors and sketch books for the new art room.