The next best thing to being here in person



Impact Updates are our yearly event and progress report.  Here's a quick snap shot of nearly everything happening at The City of Refuge in 2017



Scams are rampant in the online world.  Why should you trust us? Press play and learn why.                                                            



We met these two Aussies in the IRIS Global Harvest School of Missions in Pemba Mozambique.  Listen to what they saw here in the spirit and  in the natural.



Expectations are a frequent cause of misunderstanding especially in the kingdom.   What are your expectations regarding the City of Refuge.



Listen to the vision for The City of Refuge directly from the mouths of the founders as former Mrs. International Priscilla Pruit Interviews the Stammans



Internships at City of Refuge are a relatively new activity here.  Listen as Hannah describes her farming and social work internship. 



Kayla Is studying to be a music teacher and shares her experiences here at The City of Refuge and her dream or returning to teach music one day. 



Emma is a 16 year old missionary intern with wisdom beyond her years and a dream of returning to The City of Refuge one day.