Farming and Future

Self Sufficient farming is essential to COR

“I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.” Jeremiah 29:11

At IMI COR it's our desire to creat a self-sustaining micro city that not only sustains our children but pours into the surrounding community. This is accomplished by providing jobs in farming and creating a source of goods for the community. 
Putting goods into the community is mutually beneficial as it provides necesarry needs for the people but put an revenue stream back into COR.
We currently farm pigs, chicken for meat and eggs and fruit trees.

On the Horizon for 2022...

In addition to bringing more children into a safe place we plan on building an 18,000 sq ft car barn and planting 2,000 more fruit trees in Honduras


Progress is the name of the game. Projects are ongoing and there are many more planned.

Welding College

Plans are underway for the Welding college that will serve the community in providing job training in a much needed trade. Currently the shell for the college has been constructed

IMI Technical High School

As of November 2018, construction on the new IMI Technical High school has officially started.

Proposed Hospital

The proposed two-story City of Refuge hospital project is the brainchild of Rev Dr. Teresa Stamman.   Currently, there is one Medical Doctor serving approximately 20,000 people in 14 communities.  The City of Comayagua is the closest place where people can receive medical care provided they have the funds to cover the cost.  As Teresa says, “if you don’t have money in Honduras then you die.”
The goal is to provide a full range of healthcare services to Hondurans as well as those from other countries on a sliding scale basis.  This is a huge step toward our achieving self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability.