Letter From
The Director

We are excited that you are interested in visiting Impact Ministries International’s city of Refuge in Honduras. We are a James 1:27 ministry in a passionate pursuit of the Father’s heart.
Economic conditions here have improved significantly over the last decade. However, Honduras remains one of the poorest countries in the world and third poorest country in the western hemisphere. Your presence and support are still sorely needed and very much appreciated. One thing is certain. You will never be the same when you return home.
Things change since they build a new international  airport in Comayagua  called Palmerola Int. Airport (XPL), which  is 20 minutes from our place. The airlines that fly to  Comayagua Palmerola Int. Airport (XPL) are American Airlines, United, Spirits, Copa, Avianca. The other  optional  airport is San Pedro Sula (SAP) located  3 hours away from our base, here flies Delta and the rest of the airlines.
 Here’s what you can expect after you arrive at any of these airports. First of all they will require from you to have a 72 hour covid negative test printed or a covid vaccination prove and a precheck form printed here is the link to do it (INM - Prechequeo Migratorio ) . If this to complicated for you let us know we will help you fill that our. You need to have a book passport they  do not accept a passport card. You will pass through customs where  your fingerprints and picture will be taken, and passport stamped with your visa if you are from other country. You will retrieve your luggage from one of two baggage carousels and move through the final baggage X- Ray. There are baggage handlers who will automatically try to help you. We advise you take advantage of them especially if this is your first trip to Honduras. A nominal tip (usually one to five dollars) is appropriate.  After this they may check your luggage, you tell them you are bringing presents to the kids at the orphanage and some are personal belongings. We will give more instructions as time get closer to your trip.  You will be greeted by an IMI representative and or a driver holding an IMI sign. They will guide you in exchanging US Dollars for Honduran Lempira. You will want to have some Lempira since US dollars often not excepted by local vendors. We will then drive to The City Refuge in El Motatal is 20 -30 minutes from Comayagua and like 3 hours from San Pedro.
There are many ways that you can help while you are here. There are the usual construction and farming projects, child care, music education, athletics, outreaches, serving poor communities and street evangelism etc. that you might expect on a mission’s trip. However, we also strive to be a venue for people to exercise their God given talents and gifts. Therefore, please tell us where God is leading you and we will do our best to accommodate you. Granted, there some who have yet to identify their own unique gifting. Please do not be deterred if this is you. The most powerful thing any prospective missionary can bring to the City of Refuge is their presence. Lives change when someone takes the time to simply sit and be fully present with a traumatized child.
Please be sure to pray about your involvement with this trip.
On behalf of our entire City of Refuge team, I thank you and look forward to meeting you here.
May God bless you,

Dr.Teresa Stamman
Director of the City of Refuge
Vice President of Impact Ministries Int.

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